Tuesday, March 23, 2004

'Dating In The Dark'

As already mentioned in my first post, the latest spin off event from 'Speed dating':-'Dating in the dark', prevents pre-conceived judgements that people make about a person before getting to know them. Similarly to 'speed dating', it appears to be a good way to find success in dating. 'Dating in the dark' and the ideas surrounding it have made me think about the importance of physical attraction and how we discover physical preferences. With endless dating links, dating sites, matchmaker and matchmaking services/websites made available to us, I wondered if some ways of dating (in particular ways of being able to date on the net), could make it harder for us to be able to attract a person who would be compatible to us.
Although computer dating is generally viewed to be an easy and efficient way of arranging fun dating, finding internet romance, love or a life long soulmate, current dating sites also create possible dangers for people who look to find suitable contacts. I feel that internet chat rooms and dating agencies lead to people being deceived too easily, leaving people who enter these sites at huge risk. editme-Click here for 10 tips about online dating safety/dating techniques.
As various sites promote extensive databases, full of fun and fascinating people to meet-all just a mouse click away, how many people looking to find a desired match are going to be deceived? Is there enough guidance and help available throughout lovesites and date finder sites? How safe is it to arrange to meet single people in local areas through dating agencies? I think that far more probably needs to be done to prevent dangers, and in discovering dating online secrets. (270 words). editme-Click here to access a physical attraction test!

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